At Brand Piano we spend our time choosing great domain names that you can use for your business. Finding available domain names is a real pain and it's often disheartening spending hours searching for your perfect domain name only to find it its already been registered. Concentrate on developing your business, concentrate on developing your site. Concentrate on funding. Let us get a domain for you.

Brand Piano - We don't even play piano*

Choosing a short or memorable domain name for your business or website is no easy task. We've been successfully buying and selling domain names for nearly 16 years now. We've always sold through the usual domain name auction sites and through a few agents that we work with but now it's time to sell direct to the public.

By cutting out the middleman we can sell our premium domains at 30% less than we usually do on other sites where we are hit with hefty commission and fees.

We sold our first domain name in 2001 and we've never looked back. From dreaming up unusual or interesting domain names to drop-catching some of the 8000 domains that expire daily has taught us what to buy and how much things are worth. The beauty with this site is that you don't have wade through thousands of pages junk domains to find that piece of gold. We only sell short domain names, with brandable titles that would fit any business, industry specific domain suited for hotels or electronics companies or country specific brandable domain names.

We don't allow other to sell domains on our site to save customers the hours of trawling through junk long, unmemorable and overpriced domains.

We'd love to hear from you no matter what you think of the site, good or bad and welcome feedback and suggestions so don't be shy and drop us a line here.